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Swing with nature...

This exhilirating adrenaline rush adds another dimension to our traditional bungy site. It offers those who are challenged by the idea of hanging upside down, a feet-first mind-blowing rush, and those who are all about 'extreme' another activity to do before or after their bungy experience.

Swingers can choose a countdown or the surprise option, either way the release cord is pulled and the freefall kicks in immediately. Swinging down towards the crystal clear waters below, then arcing up to nearly 180°, this experience will reach speeds of up to 70kph. As the swinging slows, one can finally take in the intensely scenic view of the Waikato River Valley, while you enjoy the ride back to the platform. Swing alone or with a buddy, you choose.

Price List

  • Solo Swing

  • Tandem Swing

  • Kids Solo Swing



  • Voucher!

  • Bungy Swing Combo