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We have a wicked crew that love their jobs and an astonishingly, stunning location, which makes day to day life and the delivery of an awesome product, a piece of cake. Helping people face their fears and achieve goals way beyond their belief, is a thrill for us each day. Check out what some of our crazy customers have to say about us...

  • Carl - USA

    Thank you so much for an awesome 2 jumps last weekend.  Specially the 2nd one!!!   I showed the vids to all my friends and everyone was either jealous or completely freaked out.. lol.  Thanks again for a memorable time in New Zealand.

    P.s. The staff was not only accommodating, but extremely pleasant.

  • Ben - Brazil

    We decided to do a Tandem Bungy Jump at Taupo Bungy, in which the whole body goes into the water!!! It was great fun, so we did it twice!! The best day in New Zealand.


  • Alex - U.K.

    Yeah the jump was incredible, I never really saw myself doing one, but when my mate was doing it at the same time I thought I just had to man up and get it done ;) Amazing though, couldn't wipe the smile off my face for ages.


  • Nei - Planet Earth

    ....Amazing place...I would recommend it to everyone. The feeling is incredible, after the jump you want more....

  • Kia & Bea - New Zealand

    Thank you guys soooo much! Without you I wouldn't have done it!

  • Deborah - Brazil

    I would really like to thank you for sending my video to Brazil.What you did was amazing,thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!I'm not in Brazil,i'm in Europe on vacations, but my brother told me something from taupo bungy arrived at my house and now thanks to you i'll be able to show my family and friends the amazing feeling that bungy jumping gives.THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  • Dudley - UK

    I have just seen on Facebook my 2 grandchildren from Masterton making their first bungy jump on their visit to Taupo on the 17th April.  I was most impressed by the quality of the video and its production and I almost felt like I was there to watch them!

  • Mudhi Hamid

    Super Radical!!! Thanks

  • Terri Smith - N.Z

    The Bomb! Mean Maori Mean!

  • Jessica - New Zealand

    Was an amazing experience. The reception staff and bungy staff were all exceptional and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable and excited. Would definitely go again and recommend to all my friends!

  • Shelly Warwick - Taupo

    To the owners of Taupo Bungy, I am writing to compliment
    your fantastic staff.  We currently are hosting a German 17 year old
    student who is a paraplegic due to a car accident when he was 8.  We
    came to Taupo Bungy on the 2 june 2014 as samuel wanted to do a Bungy.
    We did not know if this would be possible so asked the girls in the
    office who were all most pleasant and helpful.  They asked Courtney who
    was jump leader? that day to come and assess whether Sam could.  Well he
    said "For sure" and Courtney and Kevin strapped him up, helped him to
    the edge and made it possible.  I think they were fantastic, made it
    completely comfortable, even tho it was outside of what they had to do
    they willingly went over and above the norm to give sam the experience
    of a lifetime, and he was buzzing for about a week after.  Then after
    the Bungy, Sam and my son did the extreme swing, so Courtney and Kevin
    lifted Sam, in his wheelchair down to the swing platform to do it(and th
    en back up again).  What fantastic guys, Thanks so much to them both
    for giving Sam this experience, it is true Kiwi hospitality and "Can Do"
    attitude.  Yours sincerely, Shelly Warwick

  • Te Raumoa - NZ

    Had the best experience ever. Was such an awesome rush
    of adrenaline. Can't wait to do it again. The staff were awesome and
    very helpful. Thanks Taupo Bungy.