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Meet the crew that will be pushing your limits!

  • Darryn


    SITE MANAGER - Darryn oversees the running of the site and all maintenance. He is the glue that holds us together, and if you need a screw, he probably has one that fits!

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  • Sonya


    MARKETING - Sonya just loves talking sh*t with people. Top of the ladder on crew, an experienced Jump Master and Swing Master, is available for all of your sales and marketing needs. Contact her on

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  • Courtney


    OPERATIONS MANAGER - Courtney has worked at Taupo Bungy & Cliffhanger for over 10 years now and is the best thing since sliced bread. In his spare time he likes travelling to Cuba, snowboarding and is leader of the longboarding crew. Email him

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  • Jodie


    OFFICE MANAGER - Jodz has been a valued member of our team for 10 years! You will find her in the office, exhibiting excellent customer service and training our 'newbees'. After hours, she is a loving mother of two/three and wife of one.

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  • Kevin


    SENIOR JUMP MASTER - Kevin (as his Mum calls him) aka "Doughboy". He is English and therefore loves his football - bopth playing and watching, so long as Chelsea is winning. Kevin is engaged to the lovely Holly and father to Frank.

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  • Rabin


    CREW MEMBER / ALL ROUND GOOD GUY - Rabin is from Nepal and is married to a Kiwi, with two beautiful children. You will see his smile in the office, boat, and on both the swing and bungy platforms!

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  • Lincoln


    OPERATIONS CREW: Tall dark and handsome and generally a really nice guy! A qualified Jump Master, Lincoln excelled like no other in his exams! Best friend of Willow..

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  • Willow


    CREW - Willow is our customer service super star! She is the one to call for more information about anything! A very hard worker, she is now enjoying some time in the recovery boat catching our bungy jumpers. She also likes spending her nights with Lincoln :)

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  • Vanessa


    CREW - Vanessa is a customer service star in the office and has recently started training in our recovery boat. She is an avid skydiver and is ready to answer any questions about our Bungy & Skydive Packages!!

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  • Hayley


    OPERATIONS CREW - Hayley is our hardest working crew member (because she is female). She is qualifying through crew positions at a super fast rate and already a Swing and Jump Operator. Her Jump Master exam is just around the corner, so watch this space.

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  • William


    CREW: Will has been with us for over 2 years now and is a fantastic Swing Master - always having a laugh with the terrified! Passionate about the outdoors especially places you can only get to by kayak or mountain bike, Will believes we should make the most of everyday, as if it's your last.

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  • Jesse


    OFFICE CREW - Jesse is our singing and dancing customer service super star. He's the go to guy on the front desk for all your bungy and swing needs. If you're wanting a pick up from anywhere in Taupo just call our very own Bieber 2.0!

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  • Shyniese


    OFFICE CREW - Shyniese is the newest member of the Taupo Bungy crew. She's your go to gal if you have any questions about the Waikato River

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    Head of rodent control

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