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Purchase a gift voucher for any occasion! Just choose from the options below, make your purchase, choose whether you would like to print your voucher or have one sent out to you, and make that special person in your life very happy!

  • Solo Bungy Jump Voucher

    Solo Bungy Jump Voucher

    If you've always wanted to see your friend or family member shake in their boots, standing on the end of a platform with nothing other than a rubber band tied to their ankles, finally taking the leap of a lifetime then making their way back to the top with the biggest smile on their dial....then this is the gift you're looking for.

    Buy one solo bungy jump voucher for one lucky friend, or buy two for a tandem jump.


  • Solo Extreme Swing Voucher - Adult

    Solo Extreme Swing Voucher - Adult

    The Cliffhanger Extreme Swing is a fantastic gift idea for those that might not be into head-first leaping! Freefall feet-first in a seated position instead! An exhilarating ride in its own right, this will have your friends or family members full of angst as they hang in mid-air waiting for the pin to be pulled. Hear their screams as they drop towards the Waikato River, reaching speeds of up to 70 kp/h. Then listen for the laughter as they make their way back to the top. A gift for anyone!

    Buy one voucher for one lucky mate, or two for a tandem extreme swing!


  • Solo Extreme Swing Voucher - Child

    Solo Extreme Swing Voucher - Child

    So what about the kids? Imagine how cool you would be getting an extreme swing voucher for a beloved child and watching them face their fears, then have so much fun they just want to go again!

    We are super proud to offer the extreme swing to kids, so long as they are a minimum of 30kgs; fit our child swing harness securely and are aged between 10-15 years (parent signature required on the waiver form at time of registration).

    Purchase this voucher for any child aged 10-15 years only. If you have two kids that want to do a tandem extreme swing then purchase two child vouchers. For 16+ you will need to purchase an adult voucher.


  • Bungy & Extreme Swing Combo Voucher

    Bungy & Extreme Swing Combo Voucher

    This is the gift of pure adrenalin! Make that special person's day by gifting them a bungy jump and extreme swing combo. They will get the best of both world's - a feet-first extreme swing, followed by a head-first bungy jump, both located over the stunning Waikato River. Don't choose one activity, get both and save between $20-50!

    Voucher for one person only.