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STATISTIC & HUMAN RESOURCES - Chanelle is our most experienced Jump Master and is a machine on the platform. She holds the record for most jumps in one day - 198!!! and Most tandem jumps in an hour - 25. Jumper fatalities to date 0

Chanelle Facts:

Nickname: Great One
Gen Sector: Female

Favourite Cartoon & Why: Smurfs - cos
Favourite Movie: Green Mile
Favourite Band: Metallica 
Favourite Type of Food: Ice Cream
Favourite Sport & Team: Equestrian & Silver Ferns
Ideal Wheels: Holden Maloo (black)

Most Memorable Moment: too many to list here!

Person you would most like to invite to dinner & Why: Denzel Washington... Na, my Dad cos he always cooks primo meals for me.

What would you most like to be remembered for: Humour

Place in the world you must see before you die: Who said I was going to die?

Savoury or Sweet?   Sweet
Summer or Winter?   Spring
Sea or Lake?        Lake
Cats or Dogs?       Horses
Toast or Cereal?    Fruit