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Feel the thrill of flight at New Zealand�s highest bungy jump! Our breathtaking location and award-winning team combine to take the irreplaceable rush of this thrill-seeking activity to soaring new heights. Create incredible memories with the support of our experienced staff, who will help you plan and prepare for your best possible leap. Choose to take the plunge alone, or share the moment with a tandem jump. Will you dare yourself to go low enough for a picture-perfect water touch? Make your bungy jump from Taupo�s highest cantilever platform and find out.

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Take the leap of faith with a bungy jump experience in New Zealand

Taupo Bungy & Cliffhanger Extreme Swing has combined two awesome activities at one panoramic site above the Waikato River to provide New Zealand’s most complete bungee jumping experience. Not after the heart-stopping head rush of a traditional vertical style? Try out the unique “Cliffhanger” Extreme Swing, and soar over the water.

Best experienced as a tandem, the Cliffhanger offers a feet-first ride over our beautiful river jump site, giving you plenty of opportunity to take in the crystal clear water and awesome cliffs that Taupo has to offer. The swing starts out with a magical moment of freefall before whisking you far out over the Waikato River, giving you a taste of the extreme bungee experience whilst taking the in picturesque natural views of New Zealand.

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Internationally recognised as part of the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame for our friendly, professional operation, Taupo Bungy has been helping families and travellers to take the plunge for over 25 years. Our bungee jumping and swing experiences in New Zealand are open for booking all year round, and cater to adventure-seekers of all ages and nationalities. We also offer tandem options and special prices for children between 10 and 15 years, so a trip to Taupo Bungy & Cliffhanger Extreme Swing is one that your whole family will remember – guaranteed

If you want to push your limits, challenge your fears and create memories of a lifetime then book your Taupo Bungy & Cliffhanger Extreme Swing experience now.

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